Knowing Me

“The two most important days in your life
are the day you are born
and the day you find out why.”

And it must be one of my last five days.
I can’t thank you guys more.

Words couldn’t describe how great, how awesome,
how mind-blowing was these 5 days.
All the tears, all the loves, all the cares, were so true and pure

Simply staring at anyone of you, I could already cry a river
As we all knew everyone is a different person right now from the first day we met
Thank you all for how you devoted to here so to make me a better person

Love you all ❤️

Thank you Michael for inspiring and leading us all the way from, a baby to a real us.

Thank you Team Ling Ling!
We all have gone thru a lot!
Thanks so much to finish this with me 🙂

A big big thanks 810 for enrolling me!
你們一定是很疼我很疼 Roy 才這樣努力拉我來
我現在知道了,真的非常非常感激你們 😭😂

I challenged myself to ask my family to join my graduation, with Roy 🙈
Umm things work out pretty great 😳
Thank you for coming to welcome the new me
Although i cried pretty hard 🙈🙈

Last but not least, thank you my love
Without you, none of these would have happened
and my sunshine sent me sunflowers 🌼🌼
how sweet and extraordinary ☺️☺️

Thanks for being my sun, I love you ❤️

And oh, thank you me too!
I think you did devote all of you thru the whole process
I’m so proud of you chy!!

Are you ready for transformation?
*inhale* *exhale*


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