Maroon 5 For Life!

本來計劃想 9月初未開學去遠遊
尤其是 maroon 5..! 我可冒不了這個「可能可以去」的險
結果我長遊雖然沒了,但還有 maroon 5 陪我,完全沒差!

★ 「to die for」★

中五study leave時每天在中央圖書館溫書10am-7pm!
那段黑暗的歲月,就是 Maroon 5一直默默支持我,我指他們的音樂。

期待已久,今個星期五就是Maroon 5的演唱會!
用一句英文來形容,「they are to die for!!」



“One More Night” – You and I go hard.. And rough

“Stereo Hearts” – you know my heart’s a stereo that only plays for you

“Lucky Strike” – And I can’t wait another minute 😁

“Wake Up Call” – If you needed love, well then ask for love. Could have given love, now I’m taking love

“Maps” – I like to think that we had it all. I was there for you in your darkest times..

“This Love” – Kept playing love like it was just a game, pretending to feel the same, and turn around and leave again

“Sunday Morning” – Paint a picture with my hands.. That maybe all I need 🙂

“Makes Me Wonder” – I still don’t have the reason, you don’t have the time

“Payphone” – 披風 – When we called it love, but even the sun sets in paradise

“She Will Be Loved” – Look for a girl with a broken smile, ask her if she want to stay a while

“Moves Like Jagger”
– Maybe it’s hard when you feel like you’re broken and scarred, nothing feels right
But when you’re with me, I’ll make you believe that I’ve got the key

最 misery 是沒唱到 “Misery” 😭😭💔💔
– I’m in misery!! There ain’t nobody who can comfort me (but maroon 5 😭😭)


Thank you Maroon 5 for being in my life


(Umm 教書用的,反正打左)

「To die for」不是要去死,而是「想得要命而不惜一死」
是老外常講的超誇張俚語 (slang),甚至可以用簡寫「tdf」來表示

The Prada bag is to die for.
She’s a beautiful-looking girl with a voice to die for.

(And for all my fellow students, 大學學位應
該就是大家應該「to die for」的事!)


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