Well.. Everyone got various email accounts for different subjects right?

Me too.

And I have noticed this only when I have to login my personal gmail account for job-related stuff,
and the second I’m there, I suddenly realized that,
that I have been totally avoiding myself to login the whole time, after everything happened.

It’s like OMG it’s my personal email and I dun wanna login at all.

It’s also, been days I only check on weibo instead of twitter,
which I was a thousand times prefer twitter over its chinese version

I thought I recently preferred reading chinese post more
and hating too much ads on twitter these few months.

And yesterday I received notification on new followers, so I went checking on my twitter, and shit
I cannot re-read any of my tweets
I can’t
I can’t read them anymore
I bursted into tears
I typed too much.. That part of me is way too real.

I dunno what do I hate more, social networking or me myself.
So, I would just stay in here, and facebook, where everyone could only see the happy me.

Laugh at me. I’m ridiculous.


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