Marathon 2015

It’s marathon again. My 4th run.
This year, really all by myself
So I run by myself and I run for myself

One target only for this run: I don’t stop.
No matter how hard is it, no matter how much I wanna rest/ walk a bit, I keep going
“You could be slow, you could adjust your speed, but you’re not stopping.”
Keep hypnotize myself “you can do this”
It’s not easy but so glad I made it

And it’s also my best run indeed
so happy and satisfied
Sometimes you really amazed me chy

Losing my iPod earlier made me had a harder run today
Could listen only one song using my iPhone
plus I have to hold it on my hand all the way thru the run
Still thankful for the music who keep me going
“Somewhere only we know”
Thank you Keane

Again, a remarkable schedule on my EVERY marathon day::

0515-0545 get up and go
0615-0635 warm up
0650-0750 the run
0800-0815 cool down
0830-0930 home and shower
1030-1345 class
1430-1530 rehersal
1600-1800 show at K11

10k is fine but the high heels after is not..
Together with my lack of sleeps these days, I got a serious headache before the show
I almost thought it is becoz I was lack of sugar (obviously I dun have time for any meals..)
I couldn’t believe I need to buy Panadol to kill the pain so I could perform..
First time ever

Really need some sleep
Sleep tight. Just sleep.


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