In Love Again

This song keeps playing in my head while I’m in your arms lying on your sofa
Everytime I look into your eyes, I fall for you all over again
I must be dreaming thought I’m wide awake

<In Love Again>

When you smile my life becomes a ray of light
Sing me a lullaby to sleep at midnight
I’ll be hypnotized when looked into your eyes
Turn off the room light let’s spend the night

Take me to far away
Away to your secret place
Take my tears my fears
Take all my pain for which
I’ll repay someday
With a kiss and say
Can’t believe that I’m in love in love again

When the stars don’t shine
And when the birds don’t fly
And when the flowers cry
And when the rain runs dry
When the violet’s red
When the rose turn blue
Baby I’ll still be in love with you

Life is wonderful and love never felt so good ❤


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