Do you a favor..?

Sometimes favor without appreciation is fine. But when you do someone a favor, and in return as nothing but blames, it really did hurt my feeling.

I did that shit after a long night and worked till 4:30am, with really terrible conditions.
I remember it was a night with only 7 degree in Tai Po. I wore socks at home and I stick warm-pack at my back. My hands were cold as ice. After computer-typing for an hour, I wore gloves, and 15 minutes later, I folded a warm-pack and put it inside my right-hand glove.

I was typing the wordings from photos on my iPhone, terrible handwriting from someone. The numbers are way too tiny on the screen. As time goes by, and that I was sleepy, it was so tired to read those tiny little words on my phone.. I started typing wrong numbers.. So I decided to call it off and continue to work on the day after. I worked so late that I have to sleep on sofa that night so not to wake my family up.

And now I see what I get after all I have done.


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