Take me away, a secret place
a sweet escape, take me away

Take me away to better days
take me away, a hiding place



Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
soundtrack form “Easy A”

是我太愛要 yelling 的歌,, 所以一看完就立即 google it
本是一首勵志的歌.. but all i heard is negativity. ha
但是喜歡 yell 歌的我.. 聲帶發炎 n 世紀了..
when will i have my singing voice back…………………
今天要在大家面前狂嗌 GEM 歌.. 其實好痛


那麼 down, 可能是我極不滿意現在的所有狀況

1. 公司… i really can do nth about that. but still feel so shit
2. family business… which i dun wanna involve at all………
3. friends… i am suck at this subject.. i’m actually super-anti-social…
4. my voice.. no one would notice but i know i hurt that bad
5. financial..?




“i’ll let you know when i leave”


somehow it is the only sentence we nowadays working people can say to response a gathering
9 to 5 is history
and so does fixed-off-working-hour
how many employees can precisely tell what time they off?
how many employees can leave before they finish today’s work coz they got a gathering to go?

i have been in there too
and the worst, be that person to text that
i can still remember how i cried out when.. a text back “well i guess i could see you before i leave (hk)”


life sucks.