as i said, 到真正忙的時候,, 就是連 facebook 都沒空上
and tweeter.. and games..

i’m officially a full-time now
and work in “marketing”!!!
見客.. proposals.. 最難是要 execute 談過的所有事吧?

打 3 份工..
今天上完堂後.. 真的想呆上一小時.. 讓我不移動不出聲不再用腦


my target today:
get it done, sleep at 4


work starts now

我明天行大學畢業禮了 :’]

但是對我而言.. 是很重要的一日
這條路.. 實在太曲折

記得我中一的時候,, 在 bps 被某家長問道:

當時我還不知道被 filmed,, 最後在大螢幕播出的時候才知那段訪問很 public..


但到底我每份 assignment 都很認真的做
大部分是 last minute.. 因為我的工作都從不放過我.
最後的畢業論文能夠得到 merit,, 我真的好好好開心
除了有認同感和成功感之外,, 也為我的大學生涯劃上一個完滿的句號

我不聰明. 臨尾會很很很勤力
知足的我知道 two-one 畢業已經很不錯了


但.. 爸爸媽媽.. 我做到了.


明天城大見 🙂

i tweet a lot recently made me less doing xanga.

life has moved back to “normal” pattern
and yes it has been abnormal for my last week..
sometimes you are just too unreal to me
mess with my life and then leave again

and why the heck i’d still stuck in this fantasy..?
i don’t know


i always need reasons to doing whatever things
and now i think i’m so “lost without you”
How am I ever gonna get rid of these blues..?


You’re gone.

it was a bit nervous to first meeting you again..
and the confusing phone call conversation..!!
everything turns right after we meet
i’m terribly sorry for my first time thrown up in front of you..
i really should stop drinking white wine ever ever again
coz i’ve just realized my “thrown up” pattern is ALWAYS because of white wine -.-

the drinking nights were fun
and ya so happy to have jacky joined most of the activities
the english chat without me can really give me a break

“it’s like the old time”
— that’s what i thought


looking forward to see you in summer time
i wish you luck and health every single day