left shoulder is hurt terribly. 
i seriously need a massage trip to mainland. argh!



2nd clearing out things day, after teaching, and school
well.. ho sun fun /. 

then finally have my UCC dinner!! wif gordon”
though we were meant to go for japanese food 
but it was my first day went back to Tai Wo after hanging out with frds.. no fun =.=



central “traditional food” wif Jacky
and yes it’s not my first time to that “hotdog king”! haha
iphone case hunt for few hours, and finally..


it’s been months for using boss and hoyan’s bumper.. i dun have time to shop at all
and now i’ve got New York Lifestyle!
it said “limited edition” on the internet,, but i guess it is not =.=

anyway hurray!! i really like it >v< 
though i like Paris and London more than New York for top cities.. haha 



working @ TP~!
nice day 🙂
and ya tidy-up day again! home looks awesome now
my U1 Yamaha safely arrived too (thanks god!  :O)



tmr’s schedule is to ocean park!!
i can’t wait >v< 


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