too much responsibilities and temptation push me away from my revision.



blair and chuck
it feels so good to see them always be together
so sweet and secured 



Somehow I really think that work really take a large part of my life.
Way too large and it is not in a healthy way.

是明知還有 $38500 學費要交也鐵下心付 $580 去看表演
會到離開場前最後一個小時才會 text 我你來不到

那一剎.. 其實我已經知道另外一個都不會來了


其實我開口,, 定會有朋友陪我去
只不過我明知他們並不熱愛 maroon 5




突然.. 好懷念每次陪我去的人
那種肯定性. 好有安全感

There’s no such thing 林二汶


Black coffee, old pictures
were sitting beside me, were weeping secretly
I loved you… I missed you…
but it was yesterday
it ended this morning

There’s no such thing
no such thing
until it knock at my heart again
There’s no such
no such thing
until it knock at my heart again



i really need somebody to push me for my revision
lack of study partners could have me killed

the “concentration” programme would start by running every night with hoyan



i’m really a theory X. dun blame me… 

Give me one reason why I should stay here but not get on the car.
“I’m Chuck Bass” doesn’t court one. 

Because you dun wanna go?

Not good enough.

Because I dun want you to go.

No. No, no, no. Still not good enough.

What else do you want me to say?

Say it. Three words. Eight letters. 
Say it out then I’ll be yours.




Ah i can’t get this script away off my mind for a whole day