i feel myself such a dick when i see blessing from my old fb accounts..
esp they are all my closest friends, and even some are from my teachers..

i’m so sorry..
the request was “to un-tag all your photo”
and instead i shut it down, even before i knew i can re-activate it
i did cry for more than 2 hours when i built the new one
i did this.. because i still wanna keep my photo with you all..
i have never done shutting-down-stuff before..
i feel like killing the past of myself

and.. some friends felt like being cheat 😦
i’m so so sorry for you to have this feeling
never meant to lie to you
i just dont have enough time to solve things out.. forgive me ><


anyway, i’ve spent a few hours to add most of my friends back
and soon will do the photo tagging thing..
huge huge project. but i really wanna merge them back




argh i should really back to work my essay or start my revision for my exam!!
but.. ya go and sleep now chy start this tmr =.=


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