back to track. so-called



發現自己好多時都是東西都逼近才去面對和 plan
而且非常 work-able!
amazing @@

anyway i did escape to prepare my lesson for daysssss until the day before
wasn’t too bad actually..
but really think that i have to well-prepare for the rest. argh


work sucks. 但也要繼續做
見到現在的 notes 弄成這個樣子.. 認真氣爆了一整天
決定所有 finalized 的工作只能是我一個人負責 . /.”
話未說完,, 想起開學將至,, 還有兩本 for sales 的書碰也沒碰過
究竟我是自討苦吃.. 還是 make myself 再一次 exacerbating 所有事呢…?
i have no idea…..

我明白少做少錯的道理.. 但是.. 我做不出






happy birthday.


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