work in wan chai” ahhhhh ><

dated jacky out for dinner, with holok”
nice congee XD
and then went to IFC pc and found out pc gonna serve mobile recharge!! amazing”””
Burnt Lili join us for that Russian Bar after Ocean Park commercial filming
nice one babe just remember always have the cool down gel with you ><



Lili’s fitting”
very nice hair style, geek XD
after home-work and the film “Illustionist”, we went to tst for.. fun and ya absolutely not for fireworks =.=
haagen dazz rockzzzz and the night harbour view fancy funny chatssssss
but after i went home.. i actually got fever, i believe
coz i covered myself with cover and pillows while there is no a/c in my room.. ><
sweat a lot for a whole night and feel much much better when i woke up the day after”



ya.. work
plussss Brazil vs Netherland with unbelievable result 1:2!!!
sad sad times 😦
will germany win tmr’s match….?@@

ridiculous!! .  / .”



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