tai koo shing day =.=”
stay there from 2pm-12pm……………
is tai koo shing really that good?! @@

Lili 2nd casting”
then fooling around the mall.. until mom called me for Ip Man
after buying tickets we went for a fast dinner, and went iceskating afterwards”
IT IS SOOOO DANGEROUS to do it in tai koo shing!!!
so many kids, and professionals, and professional kids!!
they dun care about anybody and direction but their own route…
ho scary ahhh ><

Ip Man”
with mom hoching holok hoyan and Lili…
what a family gathering =.=
quite funny as the actor tries to be 甄子丹 so much 😛
and really wanna watch 杜汶澤’s one after watching the trailer!!!



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