I’m Queen of transport yesterday~!
caught taxi, ferry and bus just-in-time 😛

Casting day~!
my first and very first one” (have never actually attended casting before because of my mom)
probably because fooling on street with Dior nam XD
so we went there together.
wore some clothes and do a few photo shooting and acting, it’s fun!
and god bless Lili get the 電車男 role but not the handsome role XD

then went for work again… frustrating ><
and finally stay very late to Dicken’s bar for England matches!!
ai. it’s so tired to sleep at 5am, woke at 11am for casting, work for hours and stay until 4:30am for the match!
so dissapointed,, and actually i did fell asleep during the game 😦



today didnt wake until 3pm 😛
then went to viva! new studio”
feel sooooo gd to see everyone! it has been a month already!!! ><
haven’t sing for a long long time, got tired voice today (did i..?)
tmr gonna have performance in heng fa cheun
good show ah everyone!

gaaaaam–baaaaa–liiiiiiiii–muuuuusshhhhhhh >v<


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