better not talk about work as it is bored”

but today have gone to “Bang Bang Pan Pan” for dinner with Lili~
it’s soooooooooo fun to cook by ourselves
haha and i’ve taken so many video for this!!! >v<
struggling if i should post them on fb… coz otherwise mine will also be post… =.=

bare fun XD

plus,, i love philip morris! xx



2 thoughts on “

  1. i hv watched i love you philip morris on plane too!!!ewan mcgregor is epic!!! love him c:ai…we went to bang bang pan pan tgt before as well,,you didnt seem to be that excited…sum tam lah…

  2. i love him sooooooooooo much!! since he is the main actor of  Moulin Rouge !!!he sings sooooooooooo well >v<i know baby.. but i dun have much photo a ma ><dun be jealous ho mo? we ll have fun and go again with me extremely excitied!! XD

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