Grand Opening of Viva! Voce Music Studio!

等了五年了.. 終於都有自己的地方了.. 🙂

可能大家不覺得.. 但我其實真是覺得好感慨好感動
經歷了這麼多年這麼多事,, 未算人臉全非,, 大家都有堅持繼續留守才有今日
我這半年來因為工作,, 參與的事少了..
但都沒減我對 viva 的熱誠

“Let me sing forevermore” — Fly me to the moon


但願我們就可以一直這樣下去,, 友誼萬歲”
viva! voce challenge everything!!

tai koo shing day =.=”
stay there from 2pm-12pm……………
is tai koo shing really that good?! @@

Lili 2nd casting”
then fooling around the mall.. until mom called me for Ip Man
after buying tickets we went for a fast dinner, and went iceskating afterwards”
IT IS SOOOO DANGEROUS to do it in tai koo shing!!!
so many kids, and professionals, and professional kids!!
they dun care about anybody and direction but their own route…
ho scary ahhh ><

Ip Man”
with mom hoching holok hoyan and Lili…
what a family gathering =.=
quite funny as the actor tries to be 甄子丹 so much 😛
and really wanna watch 杜汶澤’s one after watching the trailer!!!


stay up sooo early for yu ju farn 乳豬飯,,
yet argumentsssssss always stay everyone late for whatever event..
anyway,, when the time we’ve arrived Tai Hing,
the first sentence i said it’s not “table for 3 ” but “jung yao mo yu ju farn ah?”
and be very excited for they still have it >v<

還未坐好就已經叫了 3 個乳豬飯 😛


and,, bought a new hard disk”
ho leng ahhh >v<



god bless Lili got that role (or the other role.. it’s fine too)
then we can have more money for fun x)


cycling day”

it’s cloudy and rainy, but i do think the first half actually made us feel better 🙂
anyway no sun = lower temperature, we do have a great time
today is in relax mode” can’t wait for the next one!!

Lili came to my home after bath fo england match
today’s one is more exciting,,
and finally it looks more like england!!!!!
aiya but it should be 3:0 originally!!!! . / .”


yu ju farn! tmr!

Viva! Mall performance @ heng fa cheun

never have so many people to watch my mall show ever==
anyway just everything is perfect today~!
with 1 jai 2 jai uncle gallant mama Hoyan and Lili stand right in front of me!
being support.. feel so sweet



meeting”then have a rehersal again!
Today is dancing time~
so happy and fun to dance wth you guys with us made up silly silly steps xD
yet I’m so tired literally I fell asleep during the rehersal, with me still singing @@
ho arn fun…. Art work.. is never a talent for chy ==”


When you’re in my arms, nothing seems to matter
my whole world could shelter, I dun care <3″


no time for sadness
but only love and sweetness


I’m Queen of transport yesterday~!
caught taxi, ferry and bus just-in-time 😛

Casting day~!
my first and very first one” (have never actually attended casting before because of my mom)
probably because fooling on street with Dior nam XD
so we went there together.
wore some clothes and do a few photo shooting and acting, it’s fun!
and god bless Lili get the 電車男 role but not the handsome role XD

then went for work again… frustrating ><
and finally stay very late to Dicken’s bar for England matches!!
ai. it’s so tired to sleep at 5am, woke at 11am for casting, work for hours and stay until 4:30am for the match!
so dissapointed,, and actually i did fell asleep during the game 😦



today didnt wake until 3pm 😛
then went to viva! new studio”
feel sooooo gd to see everyone! it has been a month already!!! ><
haven’t sing for a long long time, got tired voice today (did i..?)
tmr gonna have performance in heng fa cheun
good show ah everyone!

gaaaaam–baaaaa–liiiiiiiii–muuuuusshhhhhhh >v<


30 days

Thirty days and thirty nights I wait
Counting down the day so far away
When I’m feeling so alone
I’ll just hear you on the phone
wanna speak but nothing comes my way…
Baby hear me now, you make me so proud
I wanna tell you girl, and tell the world, the whole wide word
I’ll give my life to be near you in every way
For I have nothing left to be here on this earth today
All because of you I feel, is all because of you I will
I love you, more than words can ever say
I’ll spend my life here beside you in every way
For I have nothing left to be here on this earth today
All because of you I feel
All because of you
I just sing my little song sing my little song for you

剛從台灣回來” 都還未有時間 update ><

去了五日四夜, 但有四日都下雨

第一日到台北,, 因為大家都沒先換錢..
結果變成窮光蛋一日遊.. 甚麼都沒得買><
還到了 luxy clubbing! 雖然本小姐好快就 pass out =.=
溫泉酒店亦太 amazing 了!!
原來我仍是最鐘情凍水泉! 泡完高溫的再立即跳下去實在是太爽了 >v<
還吃了一頓一百分的日本餐! 好讚!!!
到墾丁夜晚想去 drinking.. 可惜酒吧比人多, 結果我們買酒回酒店自己玩@@
濕著到機場回香港 XD


唉.. 都不好意思投訴..
現在大家都知道何謂 HR 了對不..? @@

better not talk about work as it is bored”

but today have gone to “Bang Bang Pan Pan” for dinner with Lili~
it’s soooooooooo fun to cook by ourselves
haha and i’ve taken so many video for this!!! >v<
struggling if i should post them on fb… coz otherwise mine will also be post… =.=

bare fun XD

plus,, i love philip morris! xx