just back from shanghai”
sweet one >v<

stay upthere for too long.. as wonderful as the escalator hide from wonderland
and now back to hell again
(believe me, it’s HELL. i’ve got 2 meetings tmr, with arrived hk at 2am and meeting at 10am)

argh stressful.

finally it’s done
so the only thing left is my vocal!

actually i do like every subject that i’m studying
never have a exam with me loving every subject!
even for vocal,, this year i was set free to get away from the song “Im Fruling”
switch to “stanchen”,, so now i love EVERY song i’m doing for the exam!
and yes,, i do love the “Ver-kai” exercises too,
although they are more difficult for me when compared to the pieces… =.=


have broken down for 5 min becuase have gone thru these stressful days
it is memorable to have a period to sit in exam with everything i like
i’ll certainly miss it

with sugar sugar condition — 10am!!!
arghhh should sleep now!

80/20 principle reli works on me..”
somehow I’ve finally pay effort for my studies
was looking forward to the moment while examiner announce “pens down”
but not anymore after I know the tasks afterwards… 😦

anyway chan ho yin!!
just do all the exams first
and focus focus focus on exams and vocal exams
leave every tasks behind
baby, tasks and jobs means $$$$$$
entertainment and salary are always stand opposite to each and other!!


Do everything with a smile on your face

stef is in a relationship with marketing management



4 exams in 4 days next week
thousands of things have to revise
and with my terrible french and german and oral exercise..
will i be survive after all…?


sometimes it’s good to post video via xg
then i would know what was my recently favourite at that time when i look back
gonna have my nano with me tmr ><

let’s go to the park
i wanna kiss you underneath the star

Suddenly wish “something stupid” would be played on my funeral
that would be quite sweet..
to make another unforgetable scene

the time is right, your perfume fills my head
the stars get red and oh, the night so blue

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
If you see a cockroach
don’t forget to scream

and,, I heart “puff the magic dragon” XD
gonna ask my dad to sing me bed again :p