“you are being observed”
maybe this is the only way to push myself to work harder
and terribly terrible

14 days to go.


loop for not less than 50 times today @@
love them so much”

and today.. I’m officially missing you ❤

但是音樂又很輕快,, 會有錯覺以為很甜
真變態.. 我就是最愛這一類歌

戰鬥一整天,, 明知進度慢又快不起來會氣餒
luckily i still got “songs about jane”
god it saves me!!

小肥羊 wif anton bryan
“如果你唔 li-ke 就 adidas loh”


i just cant hide it :p

每次去看 concert  都代表一次音樂圈的 gathering
today’s 石堅 @ city hall
是捧 mark crab 的場啦
認真是純音樂享受 =]

-20oC afterwards
omg it’s amazing to stay there >v<
and i must say i LOVE baileys soooooooooo much
i will order it everytime i go there~ 😛

are you ready, hoyin?
let’s do it.

was writing an essay about “love” with Li for 4 hours!!
it is a very hard topic @@
i hope nobody notice my topic… coz literally i have skipped the lesson of this topic of that week :p
haha reli bad grammar

it’s fun when we have to make this thing into words =.=
what is love?
love and dating..
sex and marriage =.=