tst trip”

原本打算到 own image 婚紗店處理一些 poster issue
最後還是沒有時間去 ==

time for chinese <-> english

走過 廣東道 Canon road 時
曾肇樑 (ya Li this is your chinese name =.=) 指著一個在路上狂奔的新娘 running bride 問我 :”is that normal?”
這個應該是全日最好笑 funny 的事了
沒辦法啊選星期日sunday去結婚 wedding 親朋戚友 relatives and friends 才有可能到啊”
hong kong wedding culture =.=”

(so silly to make these translation XD)




唉.. apollo ice cream . /.”
so annoying i came that far for you you reli disppointed me so bad i nearly cried TnT
however there is an ice cream called “spicy chocolate” and it is reli spicy
turn out surprised me alot that i can give apollo a chance more…

viva time.. and HEA@@


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