feel so unwell this morning..
so much wanna vomit after having that medicine!!
i nearly used 30 min to decide whether should i go out or not
and another 15 min to decide should i take a bus instead of mtr coz vomit on bus is so much better than on mtr =.=

luckily safely arrived there and got my dearest gf looked after me..
ahhh ho sun fu ><

as i am sooooo weak today
i blamed everything on “no-gym-after-marathron”
so i went to do gym with Li and uncle just now
it almost makes me recover… until i went back home……………….. (?!)

it’s reli sigh that a patient gotta go out to 7-11 for medicine by her own self at 1 m
and reli sigh that 7-11 doesnt have the medicine she want
and reli sigh that she had to go far far away to “vengo / vingo” for it
and reli sigh that she had been scared by a cat stay in front of the shop

how come =.=

this is incredibly terrible..
i have just a bit recovered from sore throat, and then caught a cold now…
it is quite serious that i needa run to 7-11 for 特強幸福傷風素 during a break when i was working!!
and turn out it doesn’t work at all . / .”

and now, 1:25am, still needa do a ppt
with my gf got my words for no-more-skipping lessons tmr ><


hard day.
and night  😦

tst trip”

原本打算到 own image 婚紗店處理一些 poster issue
最後還是沒有時間去 ==

time for chinese <-> english

走過 廣東道 Canon road 時
曾肇樑 (ya Li this is your chinese name =.=) 指著一個在路上狂奔的新娘 running bride 問我 :”is that normal?”
這個應該是全日最好笑 funny 的事了
沒辦法啊選星期日sunday去結婚 wedding 親朋戚友 relatives and friends 才有可能到啊”
hong kong wedding culture =.=”

(so silly to make these translation XD)




唉.. apollo ice cream . /.”
so annoying i came that far for you you reli disppointed me so bad i nearly cried TnT
however there is an ice cream called “spicy chocolate” and it is reli spicy
turn out surprised me alot that i can give apollo a chance more…

viva time.. and HEA@@

想不到我竟然在 3am 完成了 tasks
原本我以為 1am 我就可以上床睡的 ><
都怪電腦!! ahhh i gonna have a mac regardless of the weight problem!!!

很多事情都是 unplanned
會喜歡 surprise 沒錯但是 surprise 的事也未免太多了吧…

stair to heaven
Ocean Park wif Li homan satoshi
還多了一個 tattoo
以及原本的 tasksssss
未來星期二三的免費 macau 團
with mid term on tuesday and presentation on wednesday


吃不到的葡萄.. 真是好酸….

caught in the rain together with anybody can be romantic
while when you have to do it alone, it is dreary
and when you stay in the middle of a park, meters away from 7-11 for a umbrella,
and CATS AROUND, it’s even worse

anyway it’s a pay for a walk tonight



sometimes i feel i’m so meaningless in this world
definitely replaceable
just nobody would ever admire my work”

so negative at this moment
may be it’s impossible to keep myself “hyper” all day long
depression would be the only thing left to myself. sigh.