haven’t sung sweet sweet song for a long long time already..
i sang this song to enter sing con final in F6!!
it s been ages time @@


Love me accapella

wish you’d bring me candies when i feel lonely
dream that you were my huand-to-be
in 365, all i ask is one name it after me

wish you’d write my name on your favourite paim tree
look in my eyes, love is all you can see
night and day i dream that things are the way before
will you love me more?

where, when and why did you make me cry?
loneliness has become another part of life
tears running strong and angels have gone
don’t how to carry on

baby i need you now
i need your arms to hold me tight tonight
please turn the lights down low
and feel my body glow whisper and flow

baby i need you now
i need your strength to hold me down tonight
the world is out of sight
cause you are all that i’ve been searching for
the way you make me feel adored




and i really want the video back..
can anybody send it back for me?


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